Make it matter - 大切なものとして位置づける

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It is said that human is an animal that find meaning.


When they ask "why do you do that?", you may suddenly become consciously


Surely there should be your own reason.


Who knows the source of the power of your own if you want to do, to learn, to create, to play


Maybe that could be the power to change the world


Finding a sense of purpose. It is a very creative work


It makes us more powerful in life and in jobs.



It's something you're born with and live inside you

inspires the things you choose to do

things that may not always change the world in a big way

but can change it in a million little ways

You do what you do because it matters

at HP we don't just believe in the power of technology

we believe the power of people when technology works for you

to do the things that matter to dream, to learn, to create, to work

if you're going to do something



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